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RiverTown Realty Pricing

Explore transparent pricing for unparalleled property management services tailored to meet your needs.



Lease Only Full-Service Management & Leasing
Full 1st Month's Rent /Min. $850
10%/Monthly Rent*
9.9% 9.9%
Rent Assessment
We thoroughly research market rates to maximize the rent amount. We also recommend property improvements to increase asking rents.
9.9% -
Marketing the Property
We use a comprehensive advertising plan, including online avenues as well as traditional platforms, to reach all potential tenants.
9.9% -
Finding Tenants
We use in-house and external leasing agents in addition to state-of-the-art self-showing technology to gather as many applicants as possible.
9.9% -
Tenant Screening
We've set high qualification standards and have a detailed application process, which includes income verification, background checks, credit checks, and even pet screening!
9.9% 9.9%
Pet Screening
All pets are screened by our third-party vendor to help eliminate 'fake' service animals and problem pets.
9.9% 9.9%
Full Legal Compliance
Our leasing agents and property managers are all licensed. And, we conduct all our activities in accordance with state and federal law as well as the National Association of Residential Property Managers Code of Ethics.
9.9% 9.9%
Convenient Rent Payments
Multiple options for tenants to pay rent conveniently and on time.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Property Maintenance
We have a dedicated maintenance team of qualified vendors and a "sister" maintenance company to ensure prompt repairs and we are on-call 24/7/365 for emergencies.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Rent Collection
We manage all rent collections for your property. We have strict policies and standards in place to collect rent as effectively as possible.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Eviction Process Handling
We use an attorney to assist with the eviction process in the unlikely event that a tenant needs to be removed from the property. This enables us to with an overwhelming majority of our eviction cases.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Property Accounting and Reporting
We have an in-house accounting team that oversees all accounting and reporting functions. We use a cloud-based management software - the leading, comprehensive, integrated accounting, maintenance and advertising program available to the industry.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Monthly Owner Statements
We simplify your life by connecting you to our Owner Portal where you can view monthly owner statements.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Property Evaluations
Detailed, regular, on-sight evaluations of your property to review and report on property condition.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Owner and Tenant Portals
We give you real-time access to your properties via your Owner Portal. Prospective residents can apply online with the click of a button, existing residents pay their rent online instead of sending rent checks by mail.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Tenant Maintenance System
From their mobile device, Tenants can conveniently place maintenance requests, schedule appointments, and communicate with vendors, making life simple for our tenants.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Leasing Guarantee
- 9.9% 9.9%
Pet Guarantee
- 9.9% 9.9%
Maintenance Guarantee
- 9.9% 9.9%
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with out services, and we can't make it right for you, you can cancel our management agreement without penalty.
- 9.9% 9.9%
Tenant Damage Guarantee
- 9.9% 9.9%
Eviction Guarantee
- 9.9% 9.9%
Capital Improvement Evaluation
(Upon Request)
- 9.9% 9.9%
HVAC Maintenance Agreement
(Upon Request)
- 9.9% 9.9%

*Call about our volume pricing.

Answers to Your Questions

What areas do you serve?

RiverTown Realty serves Shelby, Desoto, Fayette, and Marshall Counties.

This includes the zip codes of 38111, 38120, 38016-38018, and surrounding areas.

Can you help me with commercial rentals?

We mostly deal with single-family homes. However, if you have small commercial office spaces for rent, we can work with you and our network of contractors to meet your real estate goal.

Do you accept Section 8 Housing?

We believe that everyone deserves a home. RiverTown Realty accepts housing vouchers from the MHA (HUD) or Tennessee Housing Authority.

Why should I hire a property manager? Can’t I do it on my own?

While you certainly can manage a property on your own, it will take a lot of your personal time and energy away from the things you love. It’s harder than it looks and mistakes can be costly.

Paying someone to take care of your investment seems counter-intuitive, especially when you want to make money right now. However, hiring RiverTown Realty can actually help you increase your cash flow and future profits. Our years of experience have honed our processes to make them faster and more productive. Our connections allow us to get discounted services without the loss in quality.

Our Testimonials

We've had Rivertown Realty as our property manager for over 4 years now. The team at Rivertown has been outstanding. We continue to build our portfolio knowing that we have a great team to manage it.

- Pauleen Atkinson -

Pat and his team (Ruth, Kristie, Dariela) are just phenomenal! I had a struggling property due to mismanagement from my previous property manager. I was cautiously optimistic of their promise but the team signed on 23 tenants within 3-4 months! They clearly understood the neighborhood and market. They are a God send!

- Miles Tiglao -

River Town Realty has been so good to work with. It is so good to have a team you can trust and that takes care of all matters. It's difficult to own properties in a state you don't live in, but working with Patrick and team has made it stress free.

- Melody Russell -

I have been working with River Town for seven years now. All my transactions for the 15 Properties I own in the Memphis area managed through River Town Realty. As an Out of State Investor they are The BEST in all aspects of Real Estate and Property Management. RiverTown Realty will always go the extra mile.

- Michael Harwood -

Patrick and his staff have been great to work with; they have been responsive at getting back to me and keeping me updated, and they do what they say they will do. They provided videos before and after the work was completed, got my property rent ready, and it is now rented. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with them.

- H V -

River Town has been my property management for over five years. They have proven to be invaluable on several occasions. I highly recommend them.

- Marty Glenn -

RiverTown has been managing for me about three years now. I've never had an issue or bad experience with them! When questions arise and I contact them, their response time has been exceptional! Communication and ease of portal/receiving documents is hassle free and greatly appreciated! I would not think twice about using them again, if I make another investment in TN. THANKS ALL!!

- Brenda -

Absolutely wonderful team at Rivertown. Patrick Burleson is the consummate professional. He and his team are incredibly hard working and attentive to their clients’ needs. Emails get answered immediately. Calls get returned right away. Problems get solved without delay. They are experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy. We are delighted to be working with them.

- Esther Amiri -

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RiverTown Realty in Memphis provides property management that improves rental homes in Shelby County TN, Desoto County MS, & nearby

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RiverTown Realty proudly serves a wide range of communities, ensuring top-notch property management solutions across Memphis and beyond.