Understand the Benefits of Accurate Memphis Property Evaluations

We can show you the exact market value of your property. Leverage our local market knowledge and real estate expertise to understand the market value of your Memphis home.

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How Can Property Evaluations Help You?

You know what your investment property means to you. But, what does it mean to the Memphis real estate and rental market?

We find out.

Our innovative technology, experience with Memphis homes, and constant activity in the local market and general industry allows us to access the best and most accurate data that tells us what your home is worth.

This knowledge is important to you. It helps you decide what to do with your investment. How long to hold it. When to sell. Whether to renovate.

Get to know your value.

Let Us Tell You More about Your Memphis Investment

As an investor who owns Memphis real estate, you deserve to know the exact market value of your property. When you work with our team at RiverTown Realty, you know exactly where you stand. You get updates when the market shifts. Because we value total transparency, we make sure that you know what we know. Property evaluations are based on:

  • In-depth local market knowledge
  • Property inspections
  • Comparative analyses
  • Review of improvements and upgrades
  • Rental values

Property evaluations in Memphis, Tennessee

Changing Markets

Keeping a careful watch on how the local and regional real estate markets are performing allows us to make more accurate property evaluations for our owners and investors. We know when prices are rising, peaking, and dropping. We consider these larger market influences when we’re evaluating your home and establishing an accurate value.

Inspecting and Evaluating

Our property evaluations are detailed, attentive, and accurate. Don’t settle for vague information that you find online. Our data is based on what we know about the market and what we see when we visit and inspect your property. We’ll compare your home to others like it while considering what makes your own Memphis home unique.

Property Improvements

You can expect our property evaluation to do more than establish a value for your Memphis investment home. We’ll also give you an idea of what can be done to increase its value. Maybe there are improvements that can be made. Upgrades that will make a difference. Knowledge is power and we provide the knowledge.

Innovative Technology

What makes our property evaluations different from those you might find elsewhere? The work we do is a blend of our in-person visits and inspections. We look at everything to get a comprehensive picture of what your home has to offer. Then, we use our innovative and detailed technology to settle on an accurate value.

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