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Lease Preparations to Protect Your Memphis Rental Property


Not sure what to include in your lease agreement, or even where to find a reliable template that includes all the necessary legal language? That’s why you work with RiverTown Realty. We understand the importance of a strong lease agreement, and we make sure the one your tenants sign outlines all of our expectations and their responsibilities.


Our Custom Lease Agreements Protect You, Your Property, and Your Tenants

Once a tenant has been approved and move-in preparations are set to begin, you have to sign a lease agreement with your new resident. It’s important that you’re not using just any lease that you find on the internet.

At RiverTown Realty, we’re using custom-written lease agreements that are consistent across our rental properties and in full compliance with Memphis and Tennessee laws. We’ve had attorneys review our lease agreement to ensure it protects you, your property, and your tenants.

Our lease agreements hold up in court. But, it rarely comes to that – because our leases are so clear and easy to enforce.

A well-crafted lease is essential to maintaining a positive relationship with your residents. It also serves the longevity of your property. With our top-notch lease agreement tailored to your needs, you don’t have to worry that tenants won’t know what’s expected of them.

Easy-to-understand leasing language

Tenants won’t read a lease agreement that’s full of complex industry jargon. We keep it simple and thorough.


Rental property protection

Our leases hold tenants accountable even while ensuring their needs are met.

Attorney-backed lease inclusions

We ask our lawyers to check out the leases we have tenants sign just to be sure we’ve covered all the potential liabilities and risks.
A stress-free rental experience starts with a strong lease. Let RiverTown Realty protect your rental property and ensure a successful landlord-tenant relationship.

Rent Collection

Our rent collection policy is one of the most important parts of the lease agreement. After reviewing your lease, tenants will understand how much rent is due, when it’s due, what the consequences will be for late and missing payments, and how rent should be paid.


Maintenance Procedures

Tenants need to know how to report maintenance. They also need to understand the importance of making repair requests right away, to avoid deferred and unreported maintenance issues. All the steps are in the lease.


Rules and Regulations

Expect the lease agreement to include all the things we want tenants to do and all the things that they are prohibited from doing. This covers pets, guests, parking, smoking, and changes to the property. Tenants will have a clear understanding of our expectations and their own responsibilities. If there are ever any questions, the answers can almost always be found in the lease.


Lease Terms and Renewals

Your lease will reflect the start and end date of the lease. There will be instructions on what happens in order for the lease to renew, including the amount of notice that a tenant must provide before vacating. Move-out instructions can also be found in the lease agreement, including information on what a tenant has to do before having their security deposit refunded.

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Our Testimonials

Thank u Mr. Patrick for keeping your word thank u Again for everything 💗

- cleo thomas -

July 15, 2024
First I want to start off by saying thank you Mrs. Ruth for everything. You made it happen! I am so grateful that you gave me a chance when no one else did. Mrs Ruth is a very sweet lady that will do her best to help you get in one of their beautiful homes. She was so nice and understanding of my situation. She made me feel welcome. If you are looking for a nice place to stay river town is a great company to go too. Thank you again Mrs. Ruth I’m in love with my new home☺️🫶🏼

- Precious Wright -

July 11, 2024
I had been looking for a house for months.Paying rental fee and losing money.But I found River Town Realty and I found happiness.The Property Manager Ruth Martinez was very helpful She worked with me and found my dream home I'm so very happy I deal with River Town Realty LLC.Continue doing a great job.

- Teresa Jones -

June 18, 2024
Today was a big day for me and my children. We signed the lease to our new home #firsthouse🏡 Ruth at RiverTown Realty was absolutely amazing she made the process so easy and gave me a chance ! I definitely recommend anyone looking for a house to contact Ruth at #rivertownrealty she’s awesome! 👏 ❤️🙏🏽

- Acire Kane -

May 31, 2024
Today was a big day for my children and I. We signed the lease to our new home #firsthouse🏡 Ruth at RiverTown Realty was absolutely amazing she made the process so easy and gave me a chance ! I definitely recommend anyone looking for a house to contact Ruth at #rivertownrealty she’s awesome! 👏 ❤️🙏🏽

- Erica Brown -

May 31, 2024
I just love Itza she is a great asset to your team. She’s very professional and helpful. She goes above and beyond to help tenets in any way that she can. I’ve had a great experience since moving into my property. I will say I would definitely recommend RiverTown if you’re looking to move. You want regret it ask for Itza she’s the best!!!!!!

- Trineka Lobbins -

May 15, 2024
amazing property management

- Sebastien -

May 11, 2024
Ruth is amazing to work with first and foremost she’s understanding and works with her tenants. Renting from them have been one of the best rental experiences.. they move quick on all repairs if you need them no matter how big or small & just overall they are a 10/10 highly recommended renting from them

- Arianna Tinsley -

April 23, 2024
Ruth and Kristi are so pleasant to work with! I have really enjoyed my apartment over the past few years and would definitely rent from them again.

- Faith Brinkley -

March 11, 2024
Mr.Patrick and Mrs.Ruth are so awesome such caring people treat you like family as long as you paying your bilss very straightforward and if something happens they fix it if they say it they mean it I appreciate them so much and will move you in and get you approved within 48hours😇💕😇💕😇💕😇🙏🙏🙏

- Erica Manning -

February 19, 2024

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