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RiverTown Realty Provides Full-Service Property Management For Rentals in Byhalia, MS


Our small real estate firm is staffed by knowledgeable locals with deep insights into the market. We offer tailored property management services, designed to align with our clients' goals and the specific requirements of their investment properties.

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What Are You Looking To Get out of Your Real Estate Investment?

Have you recently inherited property? Purchased your first investment home? Or are you a seasoned investor with a diverse portfolio?

At Rivertown Realty, we’re eager to learn about your unique journey and aspirations. We believe in having meaningful conversations to understand your goals and determine how our property management services can help you achieve them in Byhalia, MS.

Our expertise includes managing single-family homes, multi-family residences, and small commercial properties throughout Northern Mississippi and Southwest Tennessee.

Reach out to us today, and we can discuss in detail how we can assist with the following:

  • Property and rental rate evaluation
  • Advertising and showings
  • Applicant screenings and lease preparations
  • Rent collection and financial reporting
  • Property maintenance and inspections

Outstanding Property Management Services in Byhalia, MS

Reduce the hassle of property management with RiverTown Realty in Byhalia, MS. Our tailored management services are key to unlocking the full potential of your investment and enhancing its return on investment.


Property Evaluation

As an investor and property owner, you should be well informed about your property's true market value. At RiverTown Realty, we leverage our deep local market knowledge and real estate expertise to accurately assess the value of your Byhalia home.

Rent Assessment

At RiverTown Realty in Byhalia, MS, our seasoned property managers analyze your property in comparison to others in the area. We help you determine the optimal rental rate based on your property's condition and available amenities.

Advertising and Showings

Using our proven advertising methods, we ensure your Byhalia property receives optimal exposure. With our creative marketing strategies, we connect you with a wide range of potential tenants and arrange thorough property showings for interested renters.

Applicant’s Screening

At RiverTown Realty, we implement a thorough screening procedure to assess the background and rental background of each applicant. Every aspect is reviewed in detail to ensure the selection of the most suitable tenants for your Byhalia property.

Lease Preparations

We prioritize the welfare of your tenants. Our tailored lease agreement, approved by legal experts, guarantees comprehensive protection for their rights and needs.

Rent Collection

Efficient rent collection is our specialty at RiverTown Realt. Leveraging a range of digital and traditional methods, we facilitate convenient rent payments for your tenants. Additionally, we keep detailed records to promptly address any missed or late rent payments.


Financial Reporting

We offer comprehensive financial reporting, offering transparent insights into your monthly income and expenditures. Look into the specifics of your rental property's financial status right here in Byhalia.


Property Maintenance

We excel in proactive property maintenance. Our team is dedicated to delivering swift maintenance assistance to your tenants, ensuring prompt resolution even during emergency situations.


Routine Inspections

At RiverTown Realty, we conduct regular property inspections to monitor its condition and track any changes over time. Our expert inspectors thoroughly assess the property, documenting both minor and major repairs, aiding in discerning between natural wear and tear and deliberate alterations.

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Services Designed to Accommodate Your Specific Needs

RiverTown Realty in Byhalia, MS, stands apart from the rest by avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach in our services. We understand that each property and client has unique requirements and objectives.

While other management firms might automatically repaint all vacant properties for better appeal, we take a different approach. At RiverTown Realty, we conduct a thorough inspection of your individual property to determine its actual needs. If the paintwork is in good condition, we won't proceed with unnecessary expenses, saving you money.

Reach out to us today to discover how we can tailor our property management services to suit your specific circumstances and goals.

Learn Why Living and Investing in Memphis Makes Sense

Byhalia, nestled in the heart of Northern Mississippi, offers a serene escape with its small-town charm and close-knit community. Discover why this picturesque town is not only ideal for living but also presents lucrative opportunities for real estate investors.


Economic Stability and Local Opportunities

With its strategic location near major transportation routes and proximity to Memphis, Byhalia enjoys economic stability. The town benefits from its proximity to thriving industries like logistics and distribution, providing ample job opportunities for residents.


Affordable Living Costs

Byhalia boasts a cost of living that is lower than the national average, making it an appealing choice for individuals and families alike. From housing to everyday expenses, residents appreciate the affordability that Byhalia offers without compromising on quality of life.


Investment Potential in Real Estate

In Byhalia, real estate presents a promising investment opportunity. The town's affordable property prices and growing demand for rental homes make it an attractive option for investors seeking high returns. With its proximity to Memphis and access to various amenities, Byhalia's real estate market offers a balance of affordability and investment potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which locations does RiverTown Realty Serve?

RiverTown Realty covers a range of areas, including Collierville, Shelby, Desoto, Fayette, and Marshall Counties, along with the associated zip codes like 38111, 38120, 38016-38018, and their neighboring regions.

Which types of properties do you manage?

While our primary focus is on single-family homes, we’re also open to assisting you with small commercial office space rentals. We can leverage our network of licensed contractors to help you achieve your real estate objectives in this regard.

Do you accept Section 8 Housing?

We firmly believe that everyone should have access to housing. Therefore, we welcome housing vouchers issued by the MHA (HUD) or the Tennessee Housing Authority.

Why should I hire property managers?

Running a property alone can consume much of your time and energy, leaving less room for what you enjoy. It’s also trickier than it seems, and mistakes can cost you money.

Even though it might seem strange to spend money on property management when you want to make money right away, hiring RiverTown Realty can help you make more money in the long run. We’ve been managing properties successfully for a long time, so we’ve figured out how to do things faster and better. We also have connections that let us get good deals on services without sacrificing quality.

Our Testimonials

Thank u Mr. Patrick for keeping your word thank u Again for everything 💗

- cleo thomas -

July 15, 2024
First I want to start off by saying thank you Mrs. Ruth for everything. You made it happen! I am so grateful that you gave me a chance when no one else did. Mrs Ruth is a very sweet lady that will do her best to help you get in one of their beautiful homes. She was so nice and understanding of my situation. She made me feel welcome. If you are looking for a nice place to stay river town is a great company to go too. Thank you again Mrs. Ruth I’m in love with my new home☺️🫶🏼

- Precious Wright -

July 11, 2024
I had been looking for a house for months.Paying rental fee and losing money.But I found River Town Realty and I found happiness.The Property Manager Ruth Martinez was very helpful She worked with me and found my dream home I'm so very happy I deal with River Town Realty LLC.Continue doing a great job.

- Teresa Jones -

June 18, 2024
Today was a big day for me and my children. We signed the lease to our new home #firsthouse🏡 Ruth at RiverTown Realty was absolutely amazing she made the process so easy and gave me a chance ! I definitely recommend anyone looking for a house to contact Ruth at #rivertownrealty she’s awesome! 👏 ❤️🙏🏽

- Acire Kane -

May 31, 2024
Today was a big day for my children and I. We signed the lease to our new home #firsthouse🏡 Ruth at RiverTown Realty was absolutely amazing she made the process so easy and gave me a chance ! I definitely recommend anyone looking for a house to contact Ruth at #rivertownrealty she’s awesome! 👏 ❤️🙏🏽

- Erica Brown -

May 31, 2024
I just love Itza she is a great asset to your team. She’s very professional and helpful. She goes above and beyond to help tenets in any way that she can. I’ve had a great experience since moving into my property. I will say I would definitely recommend RiverTown if you’re looking to move. You want regret it ask for Itza she’s the best!!!!!!

- Trineka Lobbins -

May 15, 2024
amazing property management

- Sebastien -

May 11, 2024
Ruth is amazing to work with first and foremost she’s understanding and works with her tenants. Renting from them have been one of the best rental experiences.. they move quick on all repairs if you need them no matter how big or small & just overall they are a 10/10 highly recommended renting from them

- Arianna Tinsley -

April 23, 2024
Ruth and Kristi are so pleasant to work with! I have really enjoyed my apartment over the past few years and would definitely rent from them again.

- Faith Brinkley -

March 11, 2024
Mr.Patrick and Mrs.Ruth are so awesome such caring people treat you like family as long as you paying your bilss very straightforward and if something happens they fix it if they say it they mean it I appreciate them so much and will move you in and get you approved within 48hours😇💕😇💕😇💕😇🙏🙏🙏

- Erica Manning -

February 19, 2024

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