Why Work with RiverTown Realty for your Memphis Property Management Needs


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The real estate market in Memphis has increased steadily over the past few years. The median sale price for residential property in this market has been rising consistently at approximately 14% year over year.

In a seller’s market like this, the role of Memphis property managers becomes significantly more important, as an expert and experienced property manager can help property owners effectively manage their property and find quality, long-term tenants.

RiverTown Realty can assist you with all your property management needs in the Memphis area and help you achieve your real-estate goals.

Why Choose RiverTown Realty for your property management in Memphis?

  • Our experience and expertise

Our team members have an exceptional understanding of the Memphis real estate market. We have seen the market take shape over the last decade and we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of Memphis property owners, tenants, and new home buyers. Working with RiverTown Realty gives you access to years of experience as well as a fresh approach to real estate and property management in Memphis.


  • Full-service property management

We offer a range of diverse services related to the management of your property, whether residential or commercial. From securing quality tenants, to collecting rent, to maintaining the property, we can do everything on your behalf to help you get the most out of your investment. We also offer property and rental rate evaluation, property advertising and showings, applicant screenings, property inspection, financial report generation, and cleaning and moving-out services.


  • Streamlined and transparent process

RiverTown Realty has developed a tried and tested process that combines technology, expertise, and personalized customer service, resulting in a transparent and streamlined process for our clients. Our systems and processes provide you with the best possible experience pertaining to property management and rentals.

Often, as a new rental property owner, managing the property by yourself can be intimidating. We manage all the responsibilities and tasks related to property leasing and management for you, so you can easily maximize your property’s value.


  • Client-first approach

Every homeowner is unique and has different expectations from their prospective tenants. We identify the needs of our clients and, in all our services, we keep the interests of our clients before everything else. We are also extremely accessible when it comes to client communication. Whether it is via email, text, or on a call, we are always available to solve any problems you may have.


  • Sound rental investment advice

As a locally-owned real estate and property management company very experienced in the Memphis rental market, we can recommend the best properties that you can buy that would fit your investment budget and goals.

At RiverTown Realty, we are committed to making the lives of homeowners easier, when it comes to property management. Our trusted team of property management specialists works diligently to offer professional management support that translates into greater investment gains with less stress. Connect with us to transform your entire real estate experience from good to great!