One of the main tasks for any Memphis rental property owner is to get the word out about their property. Not only do you want to let prospective tenants know that it’s available, you also want to attract desirable renters and encourage those who may be on the fence to sign a lease and rent your home. 

As real estate and property management experts, our team at RiverTown Realty puts our experience and previous success to work, which ensures as many eyes as possible are on your listing. We’re also good at providing the best showing experience, which allows you to choose from a number of interested applicants. 

Here are some of the important and effective things we do when advertising your Memphis rental home.

Preparing and Pricing Your Rental Property

Before you can begin advertising your property, it has to be ready for the rental market and the tenants who are looking for their next home. This means the home has to be move-in ready. You want prospective tenants to immediately imagine living there. Good tenants are looking for homes that are not going to need a lot of cleaning and work before they begin unpacking. Before you even think about advertising it, make sure the property is empty and clean. 

We will walk through the property before we advertise it, and make some recommendations for minor updates that may be needed, such as fresh paint or new fixtures. Then, we’ll price the property in accordance with the market and what similar homes have rented for recently in the neighborhood. This is the first step to effectively advertising your rental home.

High Quality Property Photos

A major part of your rental property advertising strategy is photography. Tenants are going to look at the photographs before they look at anything else when they come across your listing. You’ll need high quality, professional-type photos of your home. 

We make sure the lighting is right and the best angles are captured. We’ll create listings that include photos of the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, as well as any yard space and special amenities such as garden tubs, walk-in closets, or updated kitchens. 

To match the photos, our listings include detailed and engaging descriptions that highlight your home’s best features

Online Advertising Resources 

Search for House OnlineMost tenants are looking for their next home online. We’ll use our own website to showcase your property and we’ll also share your listing with dozens of the most popular rental sites that tenants are using, including Zillow and Trulia and HotPads and Rent Café. We’ll make sure as many people as possible are seeing your home. 

When we get calls and messages asking for information, we’re responsive. You never want to leave potential tenants hanging. They’ll simply move onto the next property. Our showings are managed by professional agents who are ready to answer questions, provide information, and help applicants through the screening process. 

Advertising your Memphis rental home requires experience and resources. We have both. When you’re ready to list your rental property and find a well-qualified tenant, contact our team at RiverTown Realty.