Simple Ways to Improve Your Memphis Investment Property’s Curb Appeal


Your Memphis rental property needs curb appeal. It’s important because your curb appeal is the first thing prospective tenants will see when they arrive for a showing. You’ll earn more money with better curb appeal because it’s easier to attract high-quality tenants, and you can even charge higher rents. When everything looks attractive and welcoming outside of the home, expectations are set for the inside of the home. Tenants can connect emotionally with your rental property when they like the way it looks from the street or the sidewalk. 

A lack of curb appeal will turn tenants away. They might not even bother going inside if they see faded paint, torn up landscaping, or trash and debris gathered outside of your rental property. 

Luckily, it’s not extremely expensive to improve your Memphis investment property’s curb appeal. We have some simple ways that you can make a difference, whether you’re preparing to rent your home out for the first time or attending to the turnover upgrades and updates that are necessary from tenant to tenant. 

Evaluate Exterior Paint 

Whether you’re renting out a single-family home or units in a multifamily building, you want to make sure your paint looks great. 

When we think about paint in a rental property, we almost always think about interior paint. You want to touch it up almost every time you have a new tenant moving in. 

Don’t forget the outside paint. You don’t want to see any chipped or peeling paint. If sunlight has faded the paint, the home might look older and more deteriorated than it actually is. For curb appeal purposes, you need fresh paint. 

Your home’s exterior should be repainted every five to 10 years. Invest in high quality paint so you don’t have to do it too frequently. Use the same color if you like it. Or, change to something else. Just make sure the paint looks fresh, clean, and fits in well with the neighborhood. Very few people will consider renting that awkwardly bright yellow or pink house in the middle of a street with muted earth tones. 

Focus on the Front Door 

While you’re thinking about paint, take a look at your front door. This is an important centerpiece to your curb appeal. It welcomes tenants into the house. It invites guests to come inside. The front door matters. 

If the front door is looking worn, faded, or deteriorated, paint that as well. If the door itself has seen better days, consider replacing the entire door. This isn’t cost prohibitive, and it can really update the look of your rental home. 

There’s also the option of new hardware. If you don’t want to replace the door entirely, consider replacing the doorknob or the door knocker. Hang a wreath or update the porch light. 

Keep Memphis Rental Property Landscaping Simple

Landscaping may be the single most important part of your curb appeal plans. How does the yard look? Are there trees? Flowers? Any outdoor seating?

Sometimes, all you need to do is to keep the lawn mowed. A green and healthy outdoor space is attractive to tenants and it’s also simple. Weed and maintain any pathways or edges along your lawn. Exotic landscaping might look attractive, but it could cause tenants to hesitate. They may worry about whether they’ll be responsible for maintaining a complicated lawn. 

Good curb appeal may include pretty flowers along the front walkway of a home or a building.  A groomed, well-maintained lawn signifies that you take good care of your property and your residents. This will be attractive to prospective tenants and give your curb appeal a boost.

Exterior Lighting for Curb Appeal and Security

There are some compelling safety and security reasons to upgrade your lighting at a Memphis rental property. You want the front of your building or house and your walkways to be well-lit and welcoming. Homes that have adequate lighting are less likely to be victimized by crimes. 

Not only is lighting great for keeping your tenants safe and your property secure, it also impacts curb appeal. 

There are a few options for exterior lighting that can contribute to curb appeal:

  • A warm porch light.
  • Decorative solar lights along walkways. 
  • Motion lights which enhance security and provide a way for tenants and their guests to see at night when walking to cars.

Invest in energy-efficient bulbs that will not have to be changed as frequently.

Windows and Window Treatments

Clean Window

Your windows also provide you with an opportunity to upgrade your curb appeal. Tenants who are coming to see the home will notice if they’re clean, cracked, covered in cobwebs, or looking bright and attractive. 

Start with clean, sturdy windows. Hire professional window cleaners. You want them to be well-insulated, and you want them to be completely transparent. Tenants should be able to see through them. They should lock easily and there should always be window screens. 

Do you have those flimsy plastic window blinds on your windows? Consider removing them. They often end up bent or dusty. Sometimes, they get torn. And, they just don’t look great. Improve your curb appeal with some wooden blinds or even no blinds at all. You can leave the windows bare or hang some shades. 

There are a lot of impressive ways that you can improve your curb appeal. The best tips will really depend on the type of property you own. Sprucing up the outdoor space at a multifamily property, for example, will require a different strategy than what you want to do for a single-family home. 

If you’re renting out a property in an HOA, make sure all of your curb appeal improvements are allowed by the association. Check your rules and regulations before making any changes to your outdoor space. 

We’d be happy to make additional recommendations that are customized to your unique property. Contact us at RiverTown Realty if you have any questions about improving your curb appeal or if you need some help with Memphis property management.