Property Management Services

When it comes to leasing at a rental property, there are a lot of responsibilities and tasks, responsibilities and tasks that newer rental property owners might underestimate. Owning a property that you can potentially rent out to tenants provides you with an incredible opportunity to utilize your property's value, but it's easy to feel like you bit off more than you could chew. Whether it's providing all of these specific utility services that your renters will need, screening applicants and determining an attractive rental price, or even just writing a fair yet ironclad lease agreement, some of these responsibilities and their importance can catch some rental property owners off guard.

That's where a reliable property management service like RiverTown Realty in Memphis comes in. With a trusted team of property management specialists at your side, you can approach your rental property with more time, less stress, and a brewing confidence of how to effectively manage your own property, Not only will our team of realty experts offer our professional support and management at every step of the way, we will work diligently to make your life easier, and potentially even improve the value of your property while we do it. kKeep reading to learn a bit more about our property management services, and how RiverTown Realty in Memphis, TN can help you.

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Our Property Management Services

Property and Rental Rate Evaluation

One of the hardest things about owning a rental property is knowing the value of your property, and how the rent rate should reflect that. You can do plenty of internet research, but there's a certain amount of professional knowledge and experience that can go a long way in getting you the value and rates you deserve. Our experienced real estate experts at RiverTown Realty will take the time to truly investigate your property value, and find a rental price that reflects that value, yet still attracts a large pool of potential tenant applicants.


Property Advertising, and Showings

A big task for any rental property owner is not only getting the word out about the rental property, but properly showing it off and solidifying a desirable tenant who's on the fence. As real estate experts, we can utilize our experience and previous success to get as many eyes as possible on your rental property, as well as providing the best showing experience. That way, you will have plenty of applicants to choose from and a property that is fully prepared to attract attention.


Applicant Screenings and Lease Preparation

At the end of the day, any agreement you make with a tenant is one of legal nature, and that means two things; you want to find the most trustworthy and respectful applicant you can, and you want the legal documents binding you together to be fair and airtight. Luckily, our real estate experts have plenty of experience in both of these fields. We can screen applicants and find the best one that fits your comfort levels and needs, as well as prepare a lease that is fair to both parties, and puts you in a good position as a rental property owner.


Rent Collection and Financial Reports

For any rental property owner, one of the most important (and rewarding) aspects of renting out your property is the financial supplement you received through rent. But as you may have already experienced in your life, talking about money or requesting rent from people you don't know very well can be awkward, time-consuming, and even frustrating. Our real estate experts have you covered; we will provide effective and timely rent collection services, as well as a financial report for you so you know exactly what your financial standing is regarding your rental property expenses and income.


Property Maintenance and Inspections

Any rental property space will have occasional issues, and the tenants are usually relying on you to provide the necessary maintenance on an appliance or other part of the home in order to fulfill your side of the lease agreement. But finding affordable and reliable service providers is difficult and time-consuming. That's why our team at RiverTown Realty will take up that burden, and work diligently to find the proper service providers your rental property needs, all while keeping your tenants happy and satisfied.


Cleaning and Move-Out Services

As with pretty much any rental property, the current tenants won't be there forever, and eventually you might need to provide move out or cleaning services in order to help your tenants vacate the premises, and leave a clean place ready for the next tenant. Our property management team also has you covered there; we can find an affordable cleaning service that will leave your rental property spotless after the old tenants move out, leaving you fully prepared to offer your rental property to the next tenants.


Property Management Services in Memphis - RiverTown Realty

When it comes to managing your rental property, it can take a lot of time, effort, and money to do it properly. And even then, it's still pretty darn hard. Our team at RiverTown Realty can work diligently to make your life easier, your property more valuable, and your entire rental property experience better. Contact us today and see how we can help you!